Dear Father

a poem by Arti ., India

Dear Father

God has blessed to homo sapiens,bestowed parents
to let himself be omnipresent. A father's appearance
conveyed, affection in the most inaudible essence.
And, a child may stop crying in his father's presence.

His inexhaustible efforts,projected to enhance you always.
All blessings, brought everlasting smile on your faces.
Support him when he needs, as you are part of a clan.
it is indispensable to know, a child is the father of a man.

Remember, You may have begged to get new lovely toys.
He is omniscient, knows to fulfil, needs and all your joys.
He rescued from evils , you never get tired of his scold.
Endlessly, eternally be there when he gets weak and old.

The world is full of miseries, but never afflict or give pain.
it would be troublesome, to rebuild the broken trust again.
This, relation is cherished by all, you laid in arms and played.
He has left no stone unturned to give you embracing shade.

You have a fortunate life, to live, reside with the lord's creation.
Some may not be born under a lucky star, to love the lost Relation.
Constantly, he advised and absorbed you, on your improvements.
certainly, He is going to Clap and applaud all your achievements.

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