Aquarius Rising

a poem by Kenneth Malvyn Clark, UK

Blood begins to boil in my veins as Saturn holds sway of my day,
the rational of my Aquarian soul pleads to all to find a better way.

Whatever wrongs injustices that shaped our world are in the past,
we cannot alter history by tearing down foundations already cast.

The dissent that spreads like wild fire will not be quelled by rhetoric,
nor by removing monuments that honour times and deeds barbaric.

Events have opened Pandora’s box exposed the wounds in society,
the future waits the words we write in this ongoing saga of humanity.

History tells us that enslaved men of all colours built our nations,
do we write of reconciliation change or write of anger accusations.

Point fingers to the past to Egypt's Pharos the Roman empire America,
tear down pyramids the colosseum erase man’s colonial past in Africa.

What of men like Washington Adams Jefferson past owners of slaves,
do we tear up the constitution they birthed defile revered men’s graves.

Darkness falls as I search the sign of Aquarius rising in the night sky,
remember books burning doors daubed with yellow paint and of why.

I fear the cries of injustice may again write a dark chapter in our history,
we said never again yet outrage marches, the past, no more a memory.

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