Leader of Evil 2020

a poem by Vel Champion, USA

Burdened by trade wars, division and unrest.
A year of plague claimed lives and stole our zest.

Thousands would perish and mass graves would mount.
All worlds went silent to lessen the count.

As tears and sorrows filled all eyes with despair.
Supply chains cut added to fears we all share.

Leaders of nations tried to help us to cope.
Save one evil leader who hindered our hope.

Choosing this moment to boldly empower.
Bigots and elements that cause nations to sour.

Behind the badges of men dressed in blue.
His venom of hate tainted their point of view.

A knee replaced the rope and lynching of old.
Held to the neck til he lay dead and cold.

To be born of color was his guilty crime.
His death would bring change demanded by time.

The battle cries from desperate faces raged.
Demanding the guilty be punished and caged.

Equality and justice aroused from the crowd.
Protests and riots spoke the message aloud.

The Leader of Evil threatend powers of war.
But warriors, to people, allegience they swore.

A deadly virus and it's death tolls remain.
As powers abused allow Evil to reign.

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