a poem by Akamo Olatunji Muyideen, Nigeria

June is a yellow cup i' must name
In the memory of our great 12th June, we do the same
We little knew that day
That I hardly know what to say
To picture the forgotten remembered day
In respecting the memory of 1998.

In celebration of democracy day, in honour of the death,
Of those wasted lives of students, successful businessman and other dignitaries of,
Our M.K.O who lost in unjustified annulled election.

Then, masses expected the handover military to democracy
Again, we waited for inauguration speech
Of our past hero, chief M.K.O Abiola.
That would have indulge new beautiful things,
To the completion of our old heroes era lives.

Alas! Nothing was said, after his slain
Through the poisonous acts, that gave up in pain.
May the sacrifices our past leader never go in vain.

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