I can’t breathe

a poem by S. A. Yitta, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

I can’t breathe!
Ambiance stuffed with
opium occasioning dyspnoea…
Like nature is mean with air.

I can’t breathe!
My cutis corrodes your sight;
and you decide I exfoliate as
though it won’t again sprout.

I can’t breathe!
Countenances kick me
down the ladder; as you…
just you, could slide atop.

I can’t breathe!
When without words
I’m reminded: I deserve,
for a life of mine no reward.

I can’t breathe!
Heart in fear wrapped.
Steps taken thus far might
mean into my grave a stride.

I can’t breathe!
This part of earth I walk
quakes and aches. And I
get swallowed head first.

I can’t breathe!
Going for a walk, folks fold,
Tucked in terror – unsure return!
Street, with bullet bless my blood.

I can’t breathe!
Plying the street like every others,
My throat held against the hard earth…
Earth has a whole piece of me – ‘can I breathe?’

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