To Morigan

a poem by Danny Coon, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The Pope Released the white Doves and a Black Crow Seems to be Attacking one

But, to me it looks more like How eagles mate in flight ???

So I Say:

DAMN Morigan ??? - That is the Most Clever way of Getting a Popes Blessing on a Wedding that I could have Never imigined - So, the Black Crow Goddess posses as a White Dove and the White Dove descends to Mate as a Black Crow

I bet Hecktate and ISIS are just Beaming with Excitement for what is to come ???

- I can only Imigine the Future and may I Suggest my illustration for a Name without the use of Alphebet ???

Ah ??? - I can only imigine

Baby bird in nest so high
Her parents feel her new cry
A leap of faith, she'll fly or die
She spreads her wings to the sky
She is free on wind to say bye, bye

But, she doesn't venture far from nest
Short flights, and give her little wings a rest
Proud parents now show her all their best
Much to learn before she builds her own test
She is a bird come true and Nature blessed
Simplisity on wings is her true quest

- danny

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