a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

I walked by the river,
With that cool breeze blowing,
I sudden amazement gripped my soul,
The beauty of the water creatures offers such a joy,
I could see them swimming and leaping for joy,
What a freedom they enjoy.

Upon this scene my mind plunged deep into the human race,
I could at a glance see all the pains and suffering,
I could feel the division among men,
I could see the woes,
Mankind is indeed in trouble.

I could see many questions resounding,
This has failed to fade oblivion in my mortal mind,
Oh who will give answers to all of these issues?
The brutality that exist,
The hatred and inequality,
Man is lost.

Upon this matter and the sudden burden in my heart,
Heavy lassitude setteled upon me,
I walked away from such horrific scene,
Though I have taught my mortal mind
Never to dwell much on below things,
I have seen the weariness of men,
I am a free moral man.

To will is my very nature,
But my soul delights on matters of the above,
The choice is mine,
To choose from moments of joy,
Or to live in weariness of the world
And I said I chose the formal.

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