I am human too

a poem by Thembelani Luthuli, South Africa

black skin
human it seems
red blood, flesh and bones
they wish i was unseen..
in the light, their eyes dont see the truth
darkness falls on cursed eyes
to see what really is not the truth.
come to the light,
see me in your form...I plead.
realize i am human too
voices scream, 'black lives matter'
the sound of that call, realize it has no color
the world roars of vibrations..
for that the voices matter in masses...
darkness dwells in the mindset
shutting down all the senses to realize the simplest audible call
'I cant breath',.. loud enough i heard it miles away
i dropped a tear, i guess you were clouded over
by your superiority senses..
didn't even feel the pain of the cold pouring rain of tears
old and cold tears of bloody streams re-awakens..
the chains, the burns, the whips and scars from a force motivated by hate
hate, that is inherited and passed on
generation after generation..
bang! another black life...for no reason
will it ever end...or it will end never..
i forgive but forgeting is not easy
is it enough when some others
tell us, 'you were not even there'..?
and I ask, 'do you not realize, nothing has changed?
you shun the reality...and still bear the hate
in the core of the darkness of them hearts..
I am not racist believe it or not
just realize i want you to accept the truth
and stop hating on my skin
i am human too, in any skin color
loving you still even when you dont...
my fellow human being

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