a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

When old dreams die
The sky’s blue gains
As life cries stormy rain
It becons your attention
Sets you on new missions
Day after day your on edge
But time and Gods horizon
Selfish prayers, life’s rosy again
Answered or not, tensions strain
One after another again begin
Patience becomes tempting sin
And a new live starts again

The torment is hectic,
Lonely nights pass, at best
The days heavy as a teethe beast
That lurks on a stormy night
You look up and say, Lord why me
His answer, slow in coming,
Like an old man sits a humming
Or slow as leaves growing in spring

Then... one day, you wake up
The phone again starts to ring
You escape that old dying dream
The one that once fit you like a glove
And you look to the Sky and God above
You part with the old dream
As sunrises sweetly beam
A birth, new life, you begin to sing
You sing off key and all is well
You burry it, as life’s love again swell
You bask in the new, God sent to you!

June 25th

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