The masks we wear

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I am happy, making the most
of everyday. Except for the mask
I have to wear.

Don't get me wrong, its cute with
tiny green frogs bouncing here
and everywhere. And soft as a
babies skin to the face it hides.
However, the only smell is of my
Peppermint gum, I am always chewing.

I listen daily, as minutes click away
on my Timex watch, to other complaints
of discomfort the masks brings them
as well.
So I know I am not alone.

Under the mask hides my upside
down frown. And my smiles too!
It also hides my sweaty face .
And often I have trouble breathing, making
me feel as if I was a fish out of water.
It hides my rosy cheeks, and shades
my eyes.
A debt we wear to hope we all stay well!

The mask we wear may hide who we our.
However, deep inside God knows
our greatest secrets, our strengths and
our weakness.
And the treasure that lays inside waiting
yet to be explored.

The mask had a starting date, and the ending
date is no where in sight, as of today.
Until the ending date, I well stay hidden behind
the mask. Hiding my feelings of being trapped.
as if a present, waiting to be unwrapped.

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