Building a haven

a poem by Shalom Oluwafunke Adeyemi, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

In the midst of toils and aches,
Increasing multiplication of rakes,
Vices and wickedness in our face,
Atmosphere and society of menace,
Stands units of common race.

A place of security without fear,
Voice of the other to hear,
Goodly characters to imbibe,
Irrespective of differing tribes,
Promoting positive vibes.

Build strong foundations and pillars,
Annulling the activities of caterpillars,
Allowing the reign of the Prince of Peace,
Worn out subjects grease,
All turmoil will ease.

Awaken fatherly mentorship,
Stirrup motherly fellowship,
Mending lives for greatness,
Fostering friendliness,
So we can all enjoy sweetness.

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