It's not me writing, it's someone else.

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

Yes, I am the face you see everyday!
Happy , Happy , as any human can be !
Busy as a a bee!
Working hard as any ant for the future
ahead of me.
And if anyone every asks me if I write I
deny it every time.
And you may ask why is is that?

When I write I am not the person you
see everyday.
I become Mozart, only instead of being a
composer of musical notes,, I use words, that floats
in the air just as music does.

I became Gordon Ramsey, keeping things in
there place. Only instead of pots and pans, I use
a pen and paper.
And the result can be just as tasty.
However, to the mind, not the taste buds!

When I write I walk in the footprints of
Mark Twain, Robert Frost, and Edgar Allan
Poe, with a twist of my very own.

And if anyone ever asks me if I write I
deny it every time.
And maybe now you will understand, as I am
not the same person when I have an ink pen
in my hand.
It's not me writing it's someone else!

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