a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

O the sweet-smelling rose!
It has a charm of its own,
These pretty flowers look so beautiful
Tidily tied together, looking blissful

Blissful to the eyes they may look
But severed from the stems they’d dry soon
Spare a glance at the blooming wildflowers
Born, not to be plucked, just to beautify the earth

That silkily glowing moon up in the sky
Do you sense its aura from so high?
Paling the stars in the wake of its presence
What would the lovers and muses do in its absence?

Lovers and muses may fawn upon the moon
But in its fickle nature, it changes its faces soon
Notice the stars twinkling in the night sky
Fulfilling your wishes even as they die

Don’t you like a diamond shimmering in the light?
Catching the light at the edges, dazzling the eyes
Its exquisite beauty binds everyone in its spell
At its lustrous exterior the beholder marvels

At the exterior you marvel, you forget the core
After all, a diamond shares its family with coal
Cheap is coal but a valuable natural resource
Without constant power how’d society run its chores?

What’s the point of comparing things together?
Many things are better than the others
Where the mind is pleased, the eyes follow
In the pleasure of the senses, we wallow

Definitely things are not meant to be compared
But every creation’s quiddity we need to comprehend
Everything, big or small, created by God has a purpose
We should learn to celebrate each and every existence.

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