Holy spirit how do you do it

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Holy Spirit, how do you do it?
You choose the brokenhearted,
Whom the world refuse,
Broken and shattered you use.

I can't understand your working,
I don't understand your plans,
Rejected by Him are selected,
Who can understand His plans?

How do you grant peace?
To a broken heart,
Peter could walk on water,
How great my lord thou art.

I can only marvel,
The fact that thou art great,
How do you strengthen the faint heart,
How do you build up the faint?

My God is the God of broken,
My God is the God of the poor,
My God is the God born in a manger,
My God is the one who cares.

Promotion cometh neither from east nor west
All my poems
Who has been able to write on sand

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