Sing softly Minstrel, Softly Sing

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Where will the winds; those soft winds blow?
Where found those lands of ice and snow?
......O’er desert sands; o’er mountains high?
Where will the Minstrel go?
Beneath, where stars, their light doth shine;
Where, both the sun and stars align.
......Where soft the sun, its light doth glow;
Their lights will then entwine.
Together then the two entwined,
Creating songs of love to find.
......Where rain clouds come and softly weep;
Those songs to calm his mind.
Way down into those valleys deep;
A place to stop perchance to sleep.
......There, then to find his peace at last;
Within that wooded forest keep.
And there the winds will he then hear;
Those songs of love brought to him, near;
......Those songs of life heard all around.
All through his heart so clear.
Found free at last of earthly fear;
Found free at last to shed a tear.
.....The Winds, that Minstrel, soft doth sigh;
They bring those raindrops near.
Freed then from all those sorrows found;
Upon those winds his songs resound.
...... On past, his way, he then will steer;
Forever, ever outward bound.
Sing softly Minstrel, softly sing;
Your joys and sorrows, will you bring.
...... Upon those winds, forever fly;
Sing softly Minstrel, softly sing.

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