a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

So you survived coronavirus
Which wreaked poverty, restriction's and chaos
It strayed from normal to the point it was way off
So unexpected
And unprecedented
No wonder so many individuals vented
As the world began to collapse
And people lost it, broke down or had a relapse
Some suffered in silence
And some saw an increase in suicide and violence
Some found it too hard to digest
So they began to protest
Some felt like a reject
Because they felt invisible and the last for others to protect
Some seemed confused by the infections
Others seemed adamant with their social and political convictions
There was a mix of love and hate for politicians
Others wanted a quick fix expecting scientists to be magicians
Some obeyed social distance
When others showed resistance
Some acted in “strange,” ways
Treating it like the war days
Clearing shelves out of order
Like a food, toilet roll and hand sanitiser hoarder
Some couldn't stand not being able to go to the doctors or hospitals
Some were denied the right to attend funerals
Some saw an increase in illness and deaths
When others benefited from a self care rest

I still think one day people will reflect on lockdown and quarantine
And think: what did it all mean?

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