a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

Something I find tragic
is how when I grew older I stopped believing in magic
I saw what grown up saw
I lost my childish interest , curiosity and awe
And another frustration
was how it was harder to tap into the world of imagination
and how it became so tentative
when it came down to being creative
I lost my obsession with colours and rainbows
and got distracted to go to the grey boring place where an adult goes
I forgot I could choose
to stay upbeat rather than dull or wallowing in the Blues
And I became uptight
focusing on black and white
and boring stuff keeping me up at night
And dramas making me want to pick a fight
I entered the greys, blacks and brown
Colours that make happy people frown
Then I made a discovery
And started the path of recovery
I couldn’t become a child again
And I would ignore many days of sun and feel restricted by rain
Moaning about pain
And feeling plain
But I found the code
To revisit child mode
And feel that sense of enthusiasm, energy and fun
And embark on adventures feeling
Like world journey had just begun
So that is the bright coloured path I’m on now
I’ll find a way to stay on route somehow
It’s a good place to follow
Rather than a place so dull you feel hollow

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