Once upon a raindrop

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Once upon a raindrop
Left behind in the cloud
The raindrop dropped;
Into a dropping deep sleep
Time came to go;
No other raindrops woke,
The raindrop up

The cloud rumble above
The mountain tops!
Topspin the cloud is in
Topspin raindrops harshness fell;
The cloud moved over the mountain;
Alot lighter, alot brighter

The raindrops fell:
Fell like clenched fist
Fistful of raindrops, one moving crop
Crop of fresh rain water, that formed;
Fast flowing streams that fell over cliffs!
Cliff - waterfalls. The waters:
Formed into basins deep and wide;
At the bottom of the mountains
Where all kinds of birds and animals reside
With the rain that fell from the cloud

Apart; from one little raindrop
A single raindrop crop
Way high, inside a cloud
With no other raindrops around

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