The Frustrated

a poem by william andrews, Greece

How many songs
have been sung
over the years
about peace
about the plight
of others

How many songs
have been sung
with so much passion
and feeling
that it hurts
when we listen
for a while

How many times
did we
come so close
to breaking the circle
not of our name
that grows smaller
by the day

Our past
into our present
beng burnt at the stake
in our
Global town square

Our dreams of intent
sometimes glimpsed
between the interruptions
of manufactured fears
as our past
cliams our present
as the circle
gets smaller
by the day

As the same old songs
are sung
in a different way
feeling the empathy
in group hug pious words
back home in time
for the soaps on the tv
leaving only the frustrated
on our streets
to work with the past
to achieve peace

No matter the cost
we the frustrated
will win
so the circle
from the present
to the past
begins to merge
and peace cry's out
once again

How can i be won
if i was never made
How can you win
if you don't
make peace
and enforce it
with the common sense
that's crying out
to be Elected

To Be Heard

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