Words, Words, Words

a poem by Paul David Dawson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Empty, hollow space
Waiting to be filled
Perhaps with ideas
Controversy, insults
Manifestations of life
Echoing and throwing
Dear, Dear Lover
Don’t call my name twice
Let me holler in the vastness
Let me seek some light
It’s here to stay
This uncertainty of meaning
This certainty of offence
Please do not be alarmed
Do not adjust your page
Let words, words, words
Bring meaning to something
No matter how leftfield
Or how obtuse
Let them sing and fall
Like a rainstorm without wind
So that they fall heavy
Like mini atom bombs
Exploding through the floor
Let that floor be your skull
Seek, seek, seek
Only words of truth
And I guess only then
you’ll see

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