Where Only the Flesh Remains (A Poem From the Future II)

a poem by Paul David Dawson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

The white mass,
Shimmering under the burning sun
Black, charred earth beneath
Where winter spills over
Like lotion on burnt skin
No healing, just toxic bubbling
Few weeds hardy enough
Zero roses mighty enough
Splintered greens in noxious gases
Sublime toxicity, white elephants
Husks of the desert
Now flooded by winter
Bones crumbling to dust
No winters, only sun, then rain
Flooding without showers
Overflowing seas are angry
Last electric cars spouting acid
Acrid smelling, decomposing bodies
Black tyres still attached
Black rubber in cinders, hard asphalt melting
Under the burning sun
Rain, toxic, acidic
Not like before
Children playing in puddles
Now their wellies melt like hot wax
But you can buy a replacement brain
And plant it in a robot
A new you
A skeletal majesty of steel and glass
Never hampering
A diamond in the rough
An angelic projection
Of a world that has been
And gone
Where only the flesh remains
In the frozen

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