Unconditional Positive Regard

a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

I'm in another philosophical position
Reflecting on each core condition
There are three
Congruence, UPR and empathy
I try to carry inside of me
But the one I find the most hard
Is unconditional positive regard
I know it's important
But I also know I'm impatient
I find people frustrating
Their irritating habits truly grating
And fakeness simply nauseating
I don't like judgement
But it's human nature so impossible to prevent
Plus I’ve been judged myself
Which doesn't help when I interact with somebody else
It’s like I've been passed a judgement curse
And I pre empt someone judging me first
I think making that assumption is the worst
If I could only let go with it
I could have many a happier relationship
But I continue to push people away
Imagining they have nasty thoughts they want to say
I hope one day I can let it go
I'm not psychic so if it will or not I don't know!

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