In these places

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

In these spaces still, you move the air,
Once again you've prised my breath away,
Though psuedo resonating everyhere,
Yours evermore to me, will be that way,

Was I a diamond rough, with you of style,
Once hand in hand and so in love, we so,
Young at heart and blessed with juvenile,

In these places midst the melée be,
Pure unadulterated emphasis,
Your intonations, hypnotizing me,
Lure me back to bygone years of bliss,

Amist new faces still you haunt me there,
And farthest most, imaginations flow,
Beyond my dreams, my fantasies, is where,
I often times in melancholy go,

Although a bloom, that of a rose of blue,
Until from me, my very essence torn,
My liege my life is given unto you,
From my heart perfervidly tis sworn,

Keith Lumbard 09th April 2012 KDM

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