This Filicide must stop

a poem by Maruf Adedeji, Nigeria

This Filicide must stop

Eek! Why is mother murdering hers?
Needlessly yet regrettable
This filial cannibalism need halted
No denying wanton cide by motherhood
Sprawling all over our sunny crib
Though promoters rest not on their oars
But they are overstaying in greenroom
Dear mother, see your coffee hands turn vermilion
For how long? You feed on your womb
In your imprisoned palace, you are overly full
Juggle of cide, morality play for womb fruits
Our eye socket is weakened by daily mourning
Do keep your caressing yet unwelcoming hand off your kindreds
What loins transform of you to become this thirsty?
Cool off your cold with warm coffee
And come anew as a mother no more filiciding

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