the fresco painter

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

the great painter
at work
keeps his palette filled
with acrylic colours unknown
mixes it secretly
inside his aesthetic

capturing moods of
the horizons
he paints
his brush strokes
changes the face
many expressions
in bold and soft hues

some times he uses
various shades of red
brilliance of blue
golden yellow reflects
happiness of sun

dreaming dawn
with mystic, misty white
drizzling golden grains

sorrow of nature
in tamed black
anger in red

violet the powerful
indigo shades the borders
blue the brilliance
green the music of life

yellow the solar plexus
orange the colour of power
he shakes the rainbow droplets
colours the flower petals

every day he works
Twenty four hours
three sixty-five days
painting the horizon

time watches
with anxiety to row across
stands still
before the fresco

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