a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

That sudden departure
Leaving a trail of utter disbelief
I saw you walk away
Without a parting note.
Do you realise
the chasm that you brought
In so many lives.
The souls in the living
are wrenched by your memories.
Was it easy?
To just walk away.
Nonchalance defined your existence
Choking your memories became
O photon in double slit!
You took our hearts away.
You still laugh, you still play
That loop goes on every single day.
The tears that fall are real
Howling silently at the loss suffered
At night when the world sleeps
And mind wakes
I realise you have walked away
But I hold on to the essence.
Your presence is eternal.
The dreams you lived,
The dreams that live on
Are carriers of your thoughts
The beautiful soul that was...
The soul that is-- with us always

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