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Yielding to his son’s counsel, intent camouflaged,
As the valley paves way to the brook’s uninterrupted flow,
King Dhritrashtra permitted Duryodhana’s ego to grow,
In the court, the beauty of Varnavata was purposely praised!

The impressive accounts of the festival impending,
Persuading the Pandavas to be a witness,
Of the nature’s beauty at its best and finesse,
Finally succeeding in the enshrouded conniving!

The obedient nephews cheerfully agreed,
To visit Varnavata and witness the grandeur,
Of the festival celebrating Lord Shiva’s splendor,
Unaware of his cousins’ secretive deeds misdeeds!

Bhishma and Kripacharya’s blessings sought as a gift,
Dronacharya’s love for his beloved disciples thrived,
Teary-eyed farewell to the precious five,
Along with Mother Kunti, quietly the palace they left!

The one who held his poise, his calm,
Vidur, the wisest, perceived the situation,
Pointedly warned Yudhishthira of the possible destruction,
In words intelligible only to the wise, the caveat to avoid any harm!

He alone shall escape, advised Vidur, from threats unknown,
Who forestalls the intentions of the enemy astute,
There are weapons sharper than that of steel, that uproot,
Act wisely, be on guard; to the dangers you shall be prone!

The conflagration devastating the forest, several species harmed,
Hurts not the rats, in the holes that take shelter,
Nor a porcupine that burrows deep sown, while others run helter skelter,
A hideous plot awaits, Yudhishthira was hence forewarned!

Started on their journey in the joyous sunshine,
Proceeding in the darkest unknown clouds of sorrow, anxiety,
The nefarious oft surpasses the courageous mighty,
Love, faith, intrigue, betrayal in relations entwined!

Purochana, the minister, soon was called,
By Duryodhana, as soon as the Pandavas left,
Human values, humanity plummeted, egos heft,
Trust, adoration, loyalty savagely mauled!

Hastening to Varnavata, true to the instructions,
Purochana built a palace beautiful for the reception,
Of the Pandavas, with material combustible, perfect for destruction,
Skilful artistes dedicatedly completed the construction!

(To be continued)

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