"Nature Loner"

a poem by Thoughtmonger Varun, Nepal - poetry writer, author, poet

I look towards the sky
In search for my heaven
All I see are my ghosts
All ‘em deadly seven

And I carry not the will
Could I ever make a kill
Never possessed any skill
But I’m searching for a thrill
An appetite yet to fill
Without an answer but still
I’m a person with no chill
Loner standing on this hill

I look across the city lights
As long as I have my sights
Out in this open
Why do I feel Broken?

I lay on this dewy grass
After midnight has surpass
I calmly take deep breath
As if awaiting death

Spent that starry night
Like a silent knight
Staring at all the visible stars
Wondering if I’m an avatar

But that’d be just my delusion
A fool’s creation of illusion
A dreamer without a solid purpose
Action deficit and thoughts in surplus

Knowing the hills are silent
I shout-out with confidence
Even if the nature felt disturbed
I stand with no fear of consequence

Overnight battling those ghosts
Slowly the sun began to rose
At morning, nature is alive
Yet, I can’t explain what are those

Wide open are my eyes
As I see the sunrise
Before my retina dies
A quick glance of the red skies
Along with my sweet goodnights
I bid you my lonely goodbyes !!!

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