The Alien

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

This evening as Mother Nature dressed
in her finest evening wear outside my window.
I met my very first alien.
He had three oval shaped eyes,
that made him look very wise.
Two noses about the size of a child's hand,
and hair the color and touch of sand .
He had one mouth, and his smile was turned
upside down. As he slowly turned towards me.
From what he could see,
I was the alien.

Drifting in the air was my peppermint.
He twitch his two noses which gave me a hint
he wanted a piece.
He did not say a thing, but he seem very nice.
His skin was the color of the sky on a clear day.
And all I could say was hey!
We were friends, each different, not more so or less so,
just different.
Now its time to end this poem, as he left and I'm still here.

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