*A TRIBUTE TO GEORGE FLOYD (Sad Love Poem for a Victim of Racism)

a poem by 'Alaa Ibrahim Muntasser, United Arab Emirates

* Poet's Note: This tribute poem to the late GEORGE FLOYD is rather a strong message and call to all humanity everywhere on planet earth.. in the hope humankind does not become extinct at the hands of human cruelty, fanaticism, selfishness and craziness!!!

Oh...bro George Floyd
With tears in my eyes
With pain in my heart
Today I have to say:
Rest in peace... Rest in peace!
George Floyd...
Your black life mattered
But now that you're gone
Our life is so sadly shattered!!!
On this day of grief and agony
From my heart these words I say:
The whole world must stand
And unite hand in hand
To reject and fight racist brutality
Say "no" to slavery for humanity
On our long-cherished American land
Let's all together chant
"Words of love...
Not hate!"
Because we're all human
We're all one
And we share the same fate
As whites, blacks, of color,
... or any other race
We're all born to love!!!
Never to exchange racism,
man's filthiest disgrace!!!
Humans... Come on all,
Let's go together as one
Preach God's message...
Bring to humanity a brighter face
Come on all, brothers and sisters
Let us here stand
Let us stop this racism,
man's insanity
Come on.. Let's all say "no"
To stupid arrogance
and outrageous racism!!!
Let us be one humankind
Let us be fair to all humanity
Let us spread peace and dignity
.. on God's land
.. for all eternity!
Only then.. bro George Floyd
We can all say to you:
Glory be to thee!!!


'ALAA IBRAHIM MUNTASSER -------------------------------------------------
Abu Dhabi -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
UAE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sun.: 26 July 2020 -----------------------------------------------------------------


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