Nothing Better Than Sleep

a poem by Milagros Lague Gastanes, Philippines - poetry writer, author, poet

Plug my ears, move on.
Close my eyes, I go on.
Shut my brain and lay still.
Hushed my heart to refill.

Until untold story is said
my heart that can’t read
the mind wants instilled
soul negating my freewill

Nothing’s better than sleep.
Slumber felt peace so deep.
Let intruders moan and seek
countenance they can't kick

Hate heard by untrained ears.
Hatred felt by anger trippers.
Wants heralded to the world.
Warts known from their word.

Died of sheer unwillingness
Never bowing to brashness.
Arrogance of mind that kills
unknowing or truth it instills.

Life can’t be rushed for gain.
Patience won't wash the pain,
but twill surely teach life skills
a good life the future reveals. MLG 7/27/2020

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