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Life is like a difficult exam,
Life is like a surprise test,
We always must be sincere,
To God, we leave the rest;

In life we have to learn balance,
To walk, of life, the tightrope,
Manoeuver with freewill & reason,
Carry on bravely, learn to cope;

Life often throws a monkey wrench,
Sabotages many a meticulous plan,
Takes one by sudden surprise,
Confounds many a great man;

The blank canvas is set and ready,
To colour with imprints of our deeds,
What we always think, say and do,
Plant a garden with our karmic seeds;

To always paint a pretty picture,
Seems like a task simple, so easy,
At times, some beings human betray,
Makes the best of us feel very queasy;

The dance of life comprises,
Elaborate steps so intricate,
We have to master the moves,
Rise up to conquer our illusory fate;

The dance of life also renders joy,
Cheers the soul to make it prance,
Embeds life with happy moments,
Ace the test of life – a lively dance;

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