a poem by Oluwatobi Paul Kehinde, Nigeria

Not many know about it
Not many are aware
That there's a lone shout in the
Whose light is echoes of darkness
Whose vastness is emptiness
Who begs the god of the rain
For some relief, if there's any to spare.

Not many are aware of it
That there's a child
Whose daily meal is unholy hunger
And laughter is ceaseless cries,
Who looks up alone at the night skies
Peradventure there's any who'd listen

Not many are aware of it
That there's a creature
Braying out his pains in dismay
Under the heavy burden placed on him
Slowing down the tenacity of his limb

Alas! Many are with eyes
Yet do not see

For there's always a lone shout
There's always a child unknown
Certainly, there's always a creature
Whose only fade of hope may be in
The Whole world being aware

Not many are aware of it.

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