a poem by Oluwatobi Paul Kehinde, Nigeria

He has been challenged to kingship
The humongous creature of the jungle
Here's the tale of a pompous folly;
Through the thick forest
Where his strength abounds
Ignoring the warnings of the wise,
He followed the cheering crowd.
All chant and hail concealing suspicion
They led him on
Like the sheep to the slaughter slab
They cheer him on with Dane guns
And swords in their seven-fingered hands
Swerving machetes in the wind with glee
Omen beckons painstakingly
But again, folly ignores

Out in the open, he sights the throne
Too beautiful than the precious stone
Invitingly, the throne smiles
Like a woman seduces her suitors
Folly moves to grab the prize
But just a step to the throne
gbagada! gbagada!
In a pit, we found folly.
A pit veiled by midas' golden carpet
Just with a touch it sinks.
Hear folly wail
Before the angry eyes of cheerleaders
Dinner is being prepared
Another folly in the pit.

-"Eerinlakatabu" (Eerin for clipped form) means elephant in the Yoruba language of the Southwestern Nigeria.
-"gbagada gbagada" means to open or fall completely without much effort (also in the Yoruba language)

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