Was I Amber Once, Then Red, Then Green?

a poem by Paul David Dawson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Was I amber once?
Then red, then green
A hollow sphere
No! A roughly cut diamond
Spinning in space, in place
Fooling the earth as a new star
But this space, this place
Is cold

I can’t breathe in space
Good job then that I was born on Earth
Once amber, now red
If I were born and deserted
I would surely die
For God releases his hold on new-borns
As soon as they greet the light

I was once pale green
Then blue, was I?
Or can I be any colour under the sun
Surely then I’d be red
Not dead
A thousand new pieces
And only fitting one

A spinning diamond then
Can be any colour they like
Separating by degrees
Like chopping light into colours

Never true was I then
Not truly red or white
And only on the surface
For its there that people judge
Whether spinning
Whether red, blue
amber or white

Red, or green
Peasant or queen
Really, I can be any colour
As long as I’m seen

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