Get happy

a poem by John April, Nigeria

The man that was found at the center circle of the lonely desert
With an ink and the most shiny white slate board
Bringing the inspirational words from their local heritage
To assemble in the little showpiece art that qualifies creation

As the beauty of words arrived from their journey
Forming the platform for the first class of ever green lyrics
Asking for tambourines drums and others of instruments
To be beaten in sweet melody from the best hands.

Flames of maidens gathered from the sounds they hear
For the radio of the lonely planet spoke to theirs ear
To lose their legs running towards the sounds they hear
What a flyer of the local breed maxed to their globe?

Arise from thy crystal palace of much issues
Let your heart feel the comfort of the happy sound
So it can spark your spirit to be filled with natures energy.
The beautiful song spoke to the kings and high chiefs.

The lonely square was filled with maidens of all kind dancing
I left my heart to be captured by the sounds of happy music.

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