Could Never Get It Right!

a poem by Bryan Taplits, USA

I lost my love, I was only 12 when this I said to her:
“Wow! How popular you are. You really cut a wide swath..”
She looked at me (as though I were a witches brew)
And asked plaintively, “So, you think that I’m too fat!?”

Up through college I feared complimenting the opposing sex-
at least till I could think it through-
I finally thought flowers or candy was a safe bet-
At least, I though it the safest I could do.

But then when I gave the gift to my steady flame
Her eyes got wide and I realized I wasn’t going to win.
“You know I’m allergic to plants” she sniffed.
“And. Candy!? You think I’m too thin?”…

And then she dissevered and phoned me never again

Later I discovered-from a friend-who already had seen her at her worst-
Because of your gifts she thought: You wanted to break up with her-
So she decided she should break up with you first.”

Anyway, the next time I get ready to aim a blandishment at a sweet,
I’ll pause twice...before I latch on to that possible bane risk-
One: I’ll wait till my bones creak with age,
And, two: Just before unleashing the gift…,
I will remember to intentionally miss.

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