No Idea

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I woke up this morning and I became so confused was that
leaves falling from the trees.
Perhaps its flowers in rainbow colors I happen to see.
Or maybe the world has been covered in a soft warm blanket
of snow.
I have no ideal what season it is. Its been so long since I heard from you.
I know time just flies by!
Maybe it Christmas, and Jolly St. Nick, is running about in
his red flannel suit.
Or maybe it Thanksgiving, and a juicy fat turkey is just
waiting for me.
Could it be Easter, with all my eggs dyed in bright spring
I have no ideal what Holiday it is, its been so long since
I last heard from you.
I know time just flies by!
I really don't mind if my birthdays come and go, but not
hearing from you has left me so low.
I glanced out the window and the wind is howling like dogs,
and pigs are flying by. So I know anything is possible.
I know your busy and time just flies by.
I'm so confused not hearing from you.
So please write soon! I'm waiting for you!

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