Sweet Dreams

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

In a far off place beyond the warm colors of the sky,
and the velvety darkness of night , lays my dream land.
Here, I can be vulnerable, and take my armor off and
The mountain roll, as if gentle waves, and the deer,
and antelope jump and play in the deep green of the
grass covered meadow. Soon a bear and tiger joins
them, as here everyone gets along.
Drifting in the air is the smell of fresh rain, mixed
in with pine from the trees that seem to have no end.
A stream winds like a snake around me , as I jump
and splash across. My screams of delight echo
across the land.
For I seen the dawn of wealth and power,
and the hardship that it has cause.
Here in my dream land there is no need for power,
and money.
And harmony is everywhere. Were all equal here.
It clean and inviting, and the welcome mat is
always out.
As the shadows fall across my bed, and my alarm
clock rings. I know that I must awake to the
world of reality.
And leave my dream land behind, until we met again
tonight. when I will have another adventure in dream

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