If I could be the moon

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

If I could be anything other then me, I would be the moon.
Drifting in the air around me would be tiny sand particles,
and the smell of fresh rain, yet untouched by the affects of
the redness mixed in with gray from the smog below me.
I would be surrounded by stars in every rainbow color,
who would wink at me. Together we would share our
magical powers of the night.

I would shine a snow colored light into the midnight
blanket of silent.
Just as a lighthouse shines it lights upon the sea for
ships, I would sent moonbeams of magic across the land.
Working as if a mirror my reflection would be seen in the
waters everywhere.
A glow of brightness would brighten up the sky through the
clouds. Or I play a game of hide-an-seek, now you see me now
you don't.
On some nights I may be the size and shape of a fingernail,
as the wind howled below me, as if coyotes with a full moon.

I would bring a since of wonder to a child who's finger
points out a car window yelling, “ Moon! Moon! Moon!”
And I touch the souls of two lovers as they sat in silent
hand in hand, as my moonlight casts shadows as if it was
all done by candle light.
I would bring magic between the tall building of the
city, and shine velvety light upon the fields of the farmer.

If I could be the moon, I beam up smiling faces to craters
on my surface in the cool of night. And they would slide
down my moonbeams as if children on a slide, into the
morning dew.
I wouldn't be like humans wearing faces of many disguises. I
would wear only one face, the face of brightness, that the
Higher Power blessed me with at the beginning of time.
I would live forever in the heavens, and be a word on every

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