Listening to nature

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

The rise and fall of notes are all
around us, and that is no mistake,
error, or accident. It was all plan
by God. Drifting in the air was
a mixture of moisture, pines, and
other earthly smells.
The sun was setting and the sky filled
with Mother Nature dressed in her finest
formal wear of warm colors
I was surrounding by trees as I
watched as twin falls dropped over
the edge into the grass colors pools below.
The music notes of the falls reminded
me of a trumpet , ending the day.
Silver fish about the size of an adults hand was
shimming in the dusk. Each seem to be playing
a child's game of follow the leader, as they flipped
out of the cool water as graceful as any ballerina.
As they plop back in they made a splashing sound,
that formed a rhyme, and beat of one, two ,three,
one two three.
The wind between the trees began to whistle a sorrowful
tune, as a woodpecker pounded a tree. An owl somewhere
off in the distance said, " Who, Who, Who!"
Another bird near-by , started singing in baritone, a
song like that of El Toreador. Soon the raise and fall
of crickets joined in. Then another baritone voice sounded
just like Elvis soon joined in, as a background singer,
a whitetail deer made a high pitch sound of a soprano somewhere in the darkness.
As a woman screamed, a bobcat had just join into the raise
and fall of the notes of nature.
Then somewhere near the falls there was a moaning sounds
and the pleasing sound of a motor as bears must of
discovered the fish.
The raise and fall of notes where in the forest that
night, singing every song , and with just a little
imagination you can hear it too.

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