a poem by Aina Urviya Hasan, Canada

I am a myraid of complexities
Some real some fake
Some that come from the dark abyss that is my mind
Some that dwell in the forgotten corners of my heart
I am a rendidtion of a ballad
With my thoughts spelt out in words and music
And my music interspresed with pain
I am that bird that wants to fly
But is caged for eternity
I am that flower ready to bloom
But the roof blocks the sun
I am that lightening in the storm
But I've lost my thunder
I am the teacher and I am the pupil
The mother and the child
The King and the pheasant
Each is a facet of my personality
You can sing about me
Or you can read
I dwell deep within these lines of poetry
I spill myself over the crevices of the papyrus
I may rust with time
Or I can be an aria
I can be a myraid of possibilities

Just waiting to be heard

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