Who wants to be a dictator

a poem by Geoff G. Turner, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

They say you can have a good life as a dictator
With lots of women, money and men with firearms
You can live the high life; take any girl for your wife
And imprison anybody that tries to do you harm

So you come to power with an election
Or seize control in a violent blood bath
Or installed by the CIA, if the KGB doesn’t have a say
There’s many ways to start your dictatorial career path!

Then you can take control of the media
Execute dissidents - you’re not worried about the death count
Build a palace or two, buy a Rolls and a BMW
And don’t forget a Swiss bank account!

They say when your head’s on money your famous
You can enjoy all the kudos it brings
But when money’s on your head – wanted alive, preferably dead!
A good escape route will mean everything!

You’ll start to wonder who’s gunning for your position
You’ll start asking “who can I trust?”
Or you might just wind up dead, with a bullet in your head
And your body left to rot in the dust

Pol Pot died of a heart attack in the jungle
Hitler shot himself when the Russians were at his front door
Stalin went paranoid with fear, thought he’d be betrayed by his peers
Ceaucescu faced a firing squad up against a wall

Amin and Bokassa were forcibly ousted
Mussolini was hung from a street lamp pole
Only Gaddafi, it seems, is enjoying a long regime
But his neighbor Saddam was found hiding down a hole

Milosovich went on trial for his war crimes
Franco died with Spain in near anarchy
Samosa junior dug up his father and fled Nicaragua
And Marcos wound up dying in exile in Hawaii

So, life may be good for a dictator
But consider what will happen when your regime breaks down
Then you’ll be on the run and firing at militia with a gun
And taking the last bus out of town

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