Stop Light Blues

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Okay, so, I'm in my Mazda MPV,
driving down the road,
just my four year old and me.

Coming to a stop, I honk
at the guy in front of me.
Once then twice, then number three.

But there he did stubbornly sit,
as I laid my hand on horn,
fifteen seconds straight, "Hurry up and get!"

This isn't funny, no not a bit.
As neighbor stares at me, I think,
"What are you looking at, you idiot!?"

Another green gives us our due,
Hey! Wait a minute! We're not
turning left! Oh, man! My name must be Sue!

Turn lane empty, it was plain to see,
as I stared straight ahead,
hoping no one was looking at me.

"Yo! Sorry, dude!" I give a wave.
Family loves this kind of stuff,
"Glad we weren't there, that would be too much!"

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