A Harrowed Night

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Monsters' shadows tweak my hair,
I'll close my eyes and won't get scared.
Eyes wide again and they're still there,
just to find me unawares!

I'll think of flowers on a hill,
kitties, bunnies, puppies, too.
The shapes of dragons plague me still,
I pull my blankets, wouldn't you?

Light shines through my curtained glass,
an eerie shadow's being cast,
on the wall and on my ceil,
tugging at my strength and will.

Eyes are really droopy now,
weary from this creepy show.
Close them, close them, hurry up,
please oh please! I've had enough!

Daylight fin'lly breaking through,
shines illuminating hue.
What do I find right next to me?
My Teddy sleeping frightfully!

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