Slumber Party Crash

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

It's slumber party time,
my fav'rite social life!
In I sneak, they're unawares
of mama just a standin' there.

Friends, there are a ton,
we will have a lot of fun!
Time for "dorky" to break out,
Weirdo faces, tongue sticks out!

Dancin' and flailin' all around,
no one makes a single sound.
When I stop, I'm happy to see,
every eye a gazin' at me.

"Aha!", I tell myself,
"I do my job very well"
Tee hee hee and Haw haw haw,
mom's plan worked without a flaw!

"Get out, Mom!" they give a shout.


...Just when they begin to think,
mom had left their closed locked door,
in she comes, dishing out some more!

You'll go to school,
this tale you'll tell,
for mama did her job
very, very well.

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