Butterfly Kisses

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

So few years have ambled by.
Fun and laughter's filled my soul,
to the brim with love that's graced my life.
At fifteen, the future's just a gleam,
in an eye so young and bold.
What lovliness my eyes behold!
A tech you want to be,
"Go for it, my little girl!
There's nothing you can't do
in this great big whole wide world!"

Thirteen is the place to be,
to find out who and what you are,
the beauty of your life in it's entirety!
The friends you choose
will mold your life and tell the tale,
choices that you make, very, very well..
Look ahead, I know you must,
but for now, I wallow in your trust.
Cup in air and to the sea,
here's to you and Cell Biology.

Another talent comes to view,
nine years old so young and cute.
Your heart is in it's rightful place,
there's nothing that I would erase!
We think about your future now,
with pen and paper, let your genius show!
It always warms my heart to hear
you say you'll always be so near,
to live with me forever you say,
"Oh let that happen", in my heart I pray.

Okay, this is very hard,
to watch you play in our backyard.
As I tuck you in at night,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
to forever stay like this, feeling oh so right!
I must someday let you go,
to find your way, and rightly so.
With gentle hands
I'll guide your way,
four years old, you will not stay!

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