There Goes My Everything

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Oh, yeah, you were great in summer time,
when sun rays warmed and song was sublime.
You gobbled my food and drank my wine,
and dwindled me to *shucks* my last dime.

Now it's winter and you still won't leave
with empty hands, you little creep!
I want my home back, what's it to ya?
I WILL have the last word, so BOO-YA!

Huh? You want to be a funny clown?
Uh, wait a minute! Put that down!
Do you know what's in this pouch?
Oh, Heck No! You're not taking my couch!

Mystery's out boy! You're going ta go!
You, your pet and whole fam dam'ly, so,
*Pzzz* do ya hear that sound, oh mooch?
It's the sound of my last dime spent on you!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You'll never shop again
in this house and I'll never call you friend!
I'll fight 'til death and for you, there is an end.
Hope you like your last meal, little pest.

I've wasted time and my days thinking,
"Oh, man! There goes my everything!"
Not anymore, I'm finally done with you!
Oh parade of ants, your party's fin'ly through!

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