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I pass you on the street and in the cold.
I'm in a hurry to get home, to sit down and relax,
so I snub my nose, though you're aged and old.

I see you in my rear-view mirror, pushing your car
laboring to get it into that stall a few yards away.
"Hmpf!" I tell myself, "Maybe another time, but not today".

I see you with your cardboard sign, weathered and worn,
on my way to get some yummy, greasy fries.
"Sorry 'bout your luck, guy, but I aint got the time".

I see you drop your penny, that doesn't mean very much,
but I'm in a wicked rush, to rescue a doggie from the pound.
So, I watch you bend to pick it up, while holding on to your crutch.

I don't want you to be thankful to me,
for my generosity...


...someday, you'll pass me on the street and in the cold,
or see me in your rear-view mirror, pushing my car,
or holding a cardboard sign, weathered and worn,
maybe a penny will mean much to me, when my body bends no more!

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