The Death of a Cop

a poem by Sue Williams, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Sadly inspired by the ruthless and precontemplated murder of a local cop:

Who could've known,
on that fateful day,
the life of a man, taken away?;
A mistake cost him his life,
leaving behind his children and wife;
He gave his life while giving his all.
Who is this man who took the fall?

His friends gather 'round,
(and he had many);
they talk of his life and who he touched,
they all will miss him very much.
embracing his mem'ry, reliving the pain,
by doing their jobs, again and again.

His children cry in the night,
"Where's my daddy, is he alright?"
An empty spot next to his wife,
where once a loving man filled her life.
Wearing his shirt, cradling his picture,
her tears soak his pillow, 'til her lids cave in.
Quietness now, "I'll dream of you.
Wait for me, I'll see you soon".

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